About Us

https://nictpatna.com was started as an education & careers news portal in Maharashtra State that aimed to fulfil your desire of reading habit and current updates with educational articles. Our web project is something different from other education sites. We have tried not to stuff https://nictpatna.com with ads & unnecessary text. Providing a great user experience is our only motive.


How our blog is something different from other educational blogs?

  1. We don’t repeat the same words through the articles which are technically known as “Keyword stuffing”.
  2. We use images/videos only if required which makes our web pages load faster.
  3. When it comes to providing information & guide, we try to cover every aspect.
  4. We don’t add lines just for the sake of increasing word counts in the articles. We believe in short and direct updates. As they say “Seedhi Baat, No Bakwaas“.
  5. Time to time we respond to comments submitted by our readers, unlike other blogs who remains busy in making money apart from helping users.
  6. User Experience is the uttermost thing for us. We make every effort to make our users happy with our website. So that we have fewer ads. We use minimal decoration and images to provide faster-loading web pages.

P.S: We don’t have any Feeds available because it’s misused by many webmasters to copy-paste our content on their sites. Currently, there is no way to get Email updates from our site. Please, bear with us and visit the site daily for the updates.

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